Having a successful Attendee Participation Game involves managing the amount and duration of your Challenges. Here's a quick guide on how to achieve it:

Re-organizing Challenges

If you want to change the order in which challenges are displayed both for you and your attendees, navigate to Participation Game>Challenges

You'll see a list of the challenges that have been created for your event.

To re-organize them, use the Up and Down arrows next to them.

Showing and Hiding Challenges

Challenges can be displayed for as long as you like on the Player App. If you want to limit the time your attendees can access a Challenge:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Challenges

  2. Click the Hide button next to the challenge you want to hide from the Player App

  3. The challenge will hide from the app

  4. To show it again, click Show

Turning Challenges Online and Offline

Challenges can also be turned Online or Offline:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Challenges

  2. Click the green Live button to turn a Challenge Offline

  3. Click the red Offline button to turn a Challenge Online

You can have a challenge be both:

  • Online and Showing

  • Online and Hidden

  • Offline and Hidden

Quick-editing a Challenge

You can change a Challenge name, description, score, and icon anytime you need to.

  1. Navigate to Participation Game>Challenges and look for the challenge you'd like to edit.

  2. Click the 3 Dots button and then click Edit

  3. Make the edits you need and then click Update, changes will go live immediately.

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