Winning in Attendee Participation Games

Are you giving out Prize Wheel Spins or other rewards?

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From a player's perspective, the Player App will keep a record of the completed challenges and points earned. These can be used in several ways to drive engagement and reward players who have completed your challenges.

Here are the ways in which you can reward your players:


You can give your players feedback on their progress by displaying their names and rankings on a leaderboard.

The Player App has a built-in leaderboard that can be checked at any time by clicking on the Leaderboard button.

You can also choose to display a fully-branded leaderboard on a big screen or embed it into a website.

Click here to learn more about APG Leaderboards and how to set them up.

Prize Wheel

If you have a prize pool that can be distributed to your team, you should consider running a Prize Wheel reward.

You can give out spins to your participants depending on how many points they have earned, how many, or which challenges they've completed.

The Player App will show the player's progress and how many points or challenges they have left until they can get their next spin.

Once a player reaches the threshold, they will get a prize notification that tells them what the next steps are.

Click here to learn more about APG Prize Wheel Spins and how to set them up.

Raffle Drawing

This works great for prizes that can be given out multiple times during the event. The idea behind it is that you set a points or challenges threshold and then do a raffle for all of the players who achieved it.

Our Customer Success Team will help you define what's the best winning strategy so that everyone feels engaged and has fun.

Click here to learn how to set up your Raffle Drawing.

Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards allow for great flexibility in terms of a winning strategy, as well as branding and content.

You'll get a chance to select how players win the reward: by points, completing specific challenges, or completing any number of challenges.

You can also add an image, instructions, and a congratulations message.

Click here to learn more about how to set up an Instant Reward for your game.

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