Prize Wheels can be

Creating a Prize Wheel

Setting a Theme

Creating a Prize Package

Getting the Wheel Links and sharing

Creating a Prize Wheel

To create a Prize Wheel, navigate to Prize Manager > Configurations and click on the blue Add button.

Follow the Wizard to create a wheel and when you're done, you'll want to set a theme, add prizes and get your link.

Setting a Theme

To set a Theme, navigate to Prize Manager > Configurations and click on the Prize Wheel Layout tab. From here, select one of our pre-loaded themes and click on Apply Theme.

You can add a logo to the center of the Wheel by uploading it under the Prize Wheel Images section.

After this, scroll down and click on Update for the changes to take effect.

Creating a Prize Package

Note: If you are running a single wheel and don't need to copy the prizes over into a new game, skip this step. Add prizes to your Result Set instead.

Prize Packages work as an inventory template, and it is not linked to a Wheel. You can use it to replicate your inventory on multiple wheels or Result Sets.

If you completed the Wizard, a Prize Package will be ready to use and edit. Navigate to Prize Manager>Packages and click on the Package's name to add individual prizes by clicking the blue Add button and filling out the information requested.

Hot Tip: The Label is what people see displayed on the wheel slices. The Name will be shown to players once they win the prize.

You can also Bulk Upload prizes by filling out the Excel template available on the Prize Package screen.

Getting the Wheel Links and sharing

As mentioned above, you can use the wheel for virtual or in-person events. Here's how to handle each:

In-Person events

If you're displaying the wheel on a big screen, you want to follow these steps:

  • Get your Prize Wheel's link and open or display it on the screen

  • Make sure Kiosk mode is enabled on your Wheel's Configuration (Prize Manager>Configurations>Game Setup)

  • Use a USB Button to spin!

  • Monitor your inventory by opening the platform on your phone or any other device

  • Download your leads once you're ready to process them

Virtual events

If you're sending the link to your participants you'll want to:

  • Get your Prize Wheel’s link and send it to your participants (Display Manager > Displays)

  • Make sure Single Spin mode is enabled

  • Monitor your inventory on a computer or mobile device

  • Download your leads and contact them to give out the prizes

Are you embedding the wheel into a website?

Check out our Embedding article here.

Hot Tip: We recommend enabling Single Spin Mode from your Wheel's Configuration if you're embedding the wheel into a website.

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