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Adding Check-in Challenges to your Attendee Participation Game
Adding Check-in Challenges to your Attendee Participation Game

Check-in challenges are a great way to drive traffic and raise awareness of your brand and products. Here's how to set them up!

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Check-ins are useful when you want participants to go to different places or visit certain websites or resources. You can then give players a code so they validate their visit and accumulate more points.

Setting up Check-in challenges

  1. Navigate to Participation Home>Challenges and click on the blue Add button.

  2. Select On Their Device > Check-in from the menu and enter the rest of the information.

For this challenge, we've made sure to have a short and attractive Description, as well as detailed Instructions on where to obtain the passcode. Once our players find out what the word is, they can enter it on the Player App and get 80 points.

Viewing and managing player data

To access your player data, navigate to Participation Game > Challenges and click on your Check-in Challenge. From here you can:

  • Edit a player's score for this challenge by clicking on the Edit button next to the player's name.

  • Remove a player from this challenge, marking it incomplete for the player on the app.

  • Download the list to an Excel spreadsheet

  • Bulk upload a player list with names, emails, and scores if you're keeping track of them on a spreadsheet.

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