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A to Z guide for Exhibitors (Trivia)
A to Z guide for Exhibitors (Trivia)

This one-stop guide provides all the information you need to set up and run a trivia game in your trade show booth.

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We organized the A-Z guide into four different sections to match your planning and on-site exhibiting processes.

1. Preparing your game

The Setup Wizard will guide you through choosing a game template, graphics and adding questions into your game. If you want to further customize it, you can check out the following resources that will help you get what you need:

a. Choose a game template

Click here for an article that describes our 4 game types that work great with Trivia Bar games on exhibitor booths.

b. Choose your device type

You want to make sure the game displays on the device type you're using.

  • Navigate to Trivia Home and click Edit under your game

  • Choose between iPad/Mobile or both

  • Scroll down and click Update

c. Create branded graphics

Full customization is possible with our graphic templates for iPad screens and Leaderboard.

All screen templates:

If you need more info about the screens and graphic components:

Click here for a Graphics Setup Guide

d. Create trivia questions

Click here to download our Questions Excel Template.

Click here to learn more about how to upload your own questions.

Make sure your Gameplays (Game Manager tab) and Question Categories are Live.

e. Decide what lead data to collect in your game.

SocialPoint trivia offers both a Lead Capture form and a Survey form. Here are some notes about how these tools work together:

  • The survey appears on a second screen after the lead capture form.

  • Repeat game players only see the survey questions one time.

  • We recommend that you keep your lead capture form simple to first name, last name and email. Then, add the other relevant fields that you want to capture to your survey.

  • Lead capture form and survey form data are linked together with game player data in a single excel file download.

Click here to learn more about Lead Capture for Trivia Games.

Click here to learn more about attaching a Survey to your Trivia Game.

2. Planning to exhibit

Before traveling onsite, ensure that you have ordered the right equipment and have your booth space set up for a successful trivia game.

Leaderboard Display

  • Monitor at 42-65 inches that displays in 1920x1080 format

  • Computer / Server with Chrome browser and 6-8 GB Ram

  • HDMI ports/cabling

Game Tablets

  • iPad 2s or newer, iPad minis work as well

  • WiFi access

  • We suggest using an easel type stand to make play easier

Internet Requirements

  • Wifi service for iPads and Leaderboard

  • Use Venue Wifi or Hotspot (Choose one service level above the basic plan.)

  • 3 Mbps download speed

  • Dynamic IP is sufficient (Static IP is not necessary)

  • Optional: Hardwire line to wireless router for Monitors


  • LOCATION: Pick a high-traffic area at the event for your game. We suggest a footprint against a wall of 10 x 10 feet with extra space around for traffic flow.

  • FURNITURE: Provide tables at bar height (36”) for walk-up play. Three – 6-foot tables to hold 10 iPads set in a horseshoe is suggested. You can also use highboy tables in a semi-circle around the leaderboard.

  • PRIZE: Pick a meaningful prize for the winner and advertise it. It could be a coveted electronic like an iPad mini or a cheap and cheerful traveling trophy.

  • SIGNAGE & DECOR: Signage is important for announcing the game and prize. A full backdrop (10’x10’) is a nice enhancement to define the space and create a visual anchor for the game.

Booth Staff

Include staff to encourage play and assist players with the game

3. Setting up and managing your game onsite

Now that you are onsite, you need to get your Leaderboard and iPads (if applicable) set up. Then, you need to know how to resolve the three most common questions people have about managing their game.

Set up your iPads and Leaderboards

Click here to see the general requirements and setup guide for iPads and Leaderboards.

Resetting Leaderboard

Click here to learn how to delete your test data from the game and Leaderboard.

Changing a player's name

Click here to learn how to update a player's information (name, email, or other login fields).

Quick edit a question

Click here to learn how to edit questions on a game that is currently running.

4. Reporting after your event

Take a screenshot of the trivia dashboard to show the stakeholders the high-level metrics. Download the leads from your game and copy them into your CRM and sales automation software.

Download your leads

Click here to learn more about downloading lead data after your game has ended.

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