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A to Z guide for Exhibitors (Virtual Prize Wheel)
A to Z guide for Exhibitors (Virtual Prize Wheel)

This one-stop guide provides all the information you need to set up and run a prize wheel in your trade show booth.

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We organized the A-Z guide into five different sections to match your planning and on-site exhibiting processes.

1. Preparing your wheel

The setup wizard will help you get your wheel settings and theme ready. You can fully customize your wheel after setup. Here are some useful resources to get your wheel ready:

a. Choose your wheel settings

Click here for an article that describes the different settings available to your wheels and how to add a Call To Action button to it.

Hot Tip: if you're sending the wheel via weblink to your players, be sure to enable Vertical Mode under Edit > Prize Wheel Layout

b. Create branded graphics

Full customization is possible with our graphic template and setup guides.

c. Upload your prizes

Click here to download the Prize Upload Template (Excel)

Click here to know more about how to upload your own prizes

d. Create your lead capture form and survey

Click here to learn more about Lead Capture for Prize Wheels

Click here to learn more about attaching a Survey to your Prize Wheel

2. Planning to exhibit

Before traveling onsite, ensure that you have ordered the right equipment and have your booth space set up for a successful trivia game.


  • Monitor Activations:

    • Monitor at 42-65 inches that displays in 1920x1080 format

    • Computer / Server with Chrome browser

    • HDMI ports/cabling

  • Tablet Activations:

    • iPad 2s or newer, iPad minis work as well

    • WiFi Access


  • Wifi service for iPads and Leaderboard

  • Use Venue Wifi or Hotspot (Choose one service level above the basic plan.)

  • 3 Mbps download speed

  • Dynamic IP is sufficient (Static IP is not necessary)

  • Optional: Hardwire line to wireless router for Monitors


  • Include staff to encourage play and assist players with the prize wheel

3. Setting up and managing your game onsite

Now that you are onsite, you need to get your Wheel or iPads set up. Then, you need to know how to resolve the three most common questions people have about managing their game.

Set up your iPads and Monitors

Click here to see the general requirements and setup guide for iPads and Monitors

Resetting your wheel

Click here to learn how to reset your wheel after you're done testing it

Managing your inventory

Click here to learn how to manage your inventory

4. Reporting after your event

Take a screenshot of the trivia dashboard to show the stakeholders the high-level metrics. Download the leads from your game and copy them into your CRM and sales automation software.

Download your leads

Click here to learn more about downloading lead data after your game has ended.

5. FAQs about Prize Wheels

Here are some of the most frequent questions about the Virtual Prize Wheel.

Q: What keystroke keyboard input should I map the USB Button?

A: Keystroke map your big button to the spacebar.

Q: Is the USB Button only available for the prize wheel setup on a computer?

A: Yes, USB buttons cannot connect to iPads.

Q: Can the Prize Wheel setup run on an iPad?

A: Yes, you can run the prize wheel setup (in kiosk mode, not big button mode) on an iPad by following these instructions:

1. Open the Prize wheel in safari.

2. Save the link to your home screen. (It creates an icon)

3. Click on the new icon.

4. The Prize Wheel will open up in full-screen mode on your iPad.

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