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Customizing Labels and Language in APG
Customizing Labels and Language in APG
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Customizing your Labels and switching language is possible in APG. Follow the steps in this article to know where to find the labels you want to change.

Enabling Custom Labels

Let's begin by enabling custom labels!

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Configuration

  2. Enable Custom Labels and click Update

  3. Click the Custom Labels tab

From here, you can easily find the labels you need by clicking on their corresponding category.

Labels and where to find them

Labels are divided into categories, depending on the screen where they can be found. An exception is error messages since they can be found in multiple places at a time.

Login & Registration

This is where you'll find the fields players see when they first open the App or a QR Code/Kiosk challenge.

From here you can set different labels for all buttons and fields, including those for Terms & Conditions, GDPR Consent checkbox, Submit, Register, Login, etc.

Status & Rewards

These labels belong to the features inside the Player App Status Page. They are related to the player’s profile, points, rewards available, claimed, standings, and badges earned.

Challenge List & Details

Here you will find the labels related to the Challenge List, as well as any other activities you may have within a Challenge. These activities can be Photo Submit, Word Cloud, Surveys, Polls, etc.

Menu & Buttons

These labels allow you to customize the text for:

  • App Header

  • Menu items on the bottom,

  • Other buttons that are frequently shown within the app

Error Messages

This is where you'll find all error messages within the app. They include:

  • Errors during registration

  • Errors during challenge completion/submission

  • Errors for Auto-Login

Switching to a different Language

We currently have the option to populate all labels with pre-defined values in English, French, and Spanish. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Configuration > Custom Labels

  2. Look for the Language Options category

  3. Select your preferred language and click Apply Language

  4. Click Update for all labels to be updated

If there is a label that you need to edit, you can still change it after the language has been applied. Note that switching languages will erase any custom content you have previously worked on.

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