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Assign Teams and Challenges to different groups on your Attendee Participation Game

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Group Gameplay allows you to assign Teams and Challenges to different Groups. Here's how to set it up depending on your use case:

Enabling Group Gameplay

If you are planning for an event where your attendees are distributed across multiple regions, business divisions, or geographical locations, you'll want to use Groups Gameplay to segment the Leaderboards they have access to.

  1. Log in to and click Participation Game Home

  2. Click Configuration and then head over to the Winning tab

  3. Enable Group Gameplay

    1. If you want to divide each Group into Teams, enable Team Game

  4. Click Update

  5. Click the Teams option on the left menu and Add the Groups

    1. To assign Teams to Groups, click the Teams tab and click Add

When players access the game, if Teams and Groups are both enabled, your players will be asked to join a Team. Their scores will be added to their Group automatically.


For Leaderboard Displays:

  1. Click Display Manager > Displays

  2. Click Add and enter a name for your Display (something like Group Leaderboard)

  3. Under Default App look for your event's name + "Participation Game Group Leaderboard"

Pre-Registering Players

If you are Pre-Registering Players:

  1. Make sure you've added Groups and Teams to your game first.

  2. Use the Excel Template and assign your players to a Team (make sure the Team Name matches an existing name in the platform).

  3. Players will be uploaded and assigned to their corresponding Teams. You don't have to manually assign them to a Group.

Assigning Challenges to a Group

You can make Challenges available to specific Groups by following these steps:

When creating a Challenge:

  1. Had over to Participation Game > Challenges

  2. Click the Add button to open the Wizard

  3. Select your Challenge type and enter the Challenge's information

  4. Add the Groups you want to show this challenge to.

When editing an existing Challenge:

  1. Had over to Participation Game > Challenges

  2. Click the Edit option under the 3 dots button

  3. Select a Group from the dropdown list and add more if needed

  4. Click Update

Players assigned to the Group or Team will see these challenges.

Remember that any Challenges that don't have a Group assigned to them will show and be available to all players who register for your game.

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