Depending on the type of game you're running, you'll want to make sure you have the right links, devices, and staff.

General requirements

Trivia Bar setup

Live Trivia setup

Prize Wheel setup

General requirements

To set up your booth for any game you'll need the following:

  • Display Manager links (game-specific)

  • Windows or Mac computer to run the game and troubleshoot onsite

  • Internet connection (internet requirements)

  • If you are setting up iPads remember to go over the iPad Setup Checklist 

  • If you are setting up monitors use the Monitor Setup Checklist before your event starts

Trivia Bar setup

This game requires at least one iPad with the Trivia game open. Depending on the size of your booth you'll want to have at least 3 iPads showing the game so more people get to play simultaneously.

  1. Open the game link using Safari

  2. Add the URL to your homepage by clicking on the box/arrow icon

  3. On the home screen, click on the newly created icon to access your game

  4. Play one or two test games and be sure to delete your data from the leaderboard before the event starts

Access our comprehensive Exhibitor guide here.

Live Trivia setup

Live Trivia requires your attendees to answer the questions on their mobile devices, while the host reads out the questions being projected on a big screen.

Due to the complexity, this game requires at least 2 people to run it: a controller and the host. You'd also want to make sure there is someone available to provide support in case your attendees have questions before, during, or after the game.

  1. Open the Display Manager link on a computer and project it on Full-Screen Mode

  2. Use your credentials to get access to the Leaderboard Screen

  3. Instruct the controller to open the backend on a separate monitor or device and navigate to Games > Your Game > Go to Live Game

  4. The controller should follow the instructions on how to run the game when the game goes live

  5. The host gets ready to read the questions being displayed on the big screen

We recommend running a couple of test games before the event so everyone is comfortable with the process.

Prize Wheel setup

Prize Wheels work best when you have a USB button connected to them. If you want attendees to stop by your booth and spin the wheel, you'll also want to set up an iPad that collects their data with a Digital Fishbowl.

Digital Fishbowl

  1. Open the Fishbowl link using Safari on an iPad

  2. Add the URL to your homepage by clicking on the box/arrow icon

  3. Click on the newly created icon to open the app

  4. Enter your email address and the PIN to gain access

Prize Wheel

Once your participants fill out their information, they can spin the wheel. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Connect the monitor and USB buttons to a computer

  2. Open the Display Manager link and enter your credentials to access the wheel

  3. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand of your browser and click the full-screen button.

  4. Push the button to spin the wheel. Run a couple of tests and be sure to put back any prizes you won on the inventory by following these steps.

Access our comprehensive Exhibitor guide here.

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