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Surveys & Lead Forms
Lead Capture and Surveys fields.
Lead Capture and Surveys fields.
Do you need extra data from your players? Here's what we offer in terms of Lead Capture and Surveys.
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Our games can collect Lead Data for you when a player logs in. This data can be accessed anytime by you and your team.

Collecting Leads

By default, Trivia games will include some type of Data Collection. You can also request:

-US Phone Number





Prize Wheels require you to create your own data collection method. Click here to know more about creating a Lead Form.


If you need more data other than name, email, and company from your players, we have many options available. Your players will see the questions after they've logged into the game.

We'll run through the question types and how you can customize them to fit your needs.

Hot Tip: If players play more than once, they will not see this data collection screen a second time. Fields can be either optional or mandatory.

International Phone Number

Players must enter a country code and their number.


All states included in a drop-down menu.

Zip Code

Players can enter their Zip on this field


Players can select their country from this drop-down list

Text Field

Need to include an open-ended question? This is what you need!

Number Field

If you need to collect a number and you want to make sure people won't include any other characters, use this option.

Make a list of options for your players to choose from.

Single-Select List

Make all items visible, players can choose one of the options.

Multi-Select List

Make all items visible, players can choose more than one option.

Likert Scale

5 levels for players to choose from, you can customize the text on each one of the button's labels.

Star Rating

How bright do you shine?


This field can be pre-chcked.

Text Area

Similar to Text Field, but this one has the option to make the visible area larger. Useful for opinion-driven questions.

Terms and Conditions Approval

Includes a Pop Up to show terms and conditions

This also includes a Pop Up to show GDPR details.


Players can input a date, it's collected in MMDDYY format.

What's Next?

If you'd like to include Lead Capture in your game, use the chat button on the bottom right side of your screen so we can set it up for you!

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