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Adding scores to a Staff Scored Challenge
Adding scores to a Staff Scored Challenge

Here's how to update your player's scores!

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Staff Scored Challenges are ideal when you want to have an activity that does not necessarily involve playing a trivia game.

There are two ways of updating your player's scores for a Staff Scored Challenge:

Manually updating scores

To manually update scores, navigate to Display Manager and click on the APG Staff Scoring App Link. Once it's open, you'll need the Access Code found right under the link you just clicked on.

The App will ask you to select the challenge you want to update the scores for.

When you select the challenge, the player list will populate. You can also use the search bar to make it easier to find your players.

Once you've found the player you want to update the score for, click on the Points button to the right of that player's name. The button will be highlighted in green if you've awarded the points for the challenge.

Bulk uploading scores

If you're updating several players at the same time, you can download our Staff Scored Challenge - Player Upload template and fill it out with your players' information and scores.

After saving your Excel template, navigate to Participation Game>Challenges and look for your Staff Scored Challenge. Click on it and then look for the Choose File button to browse your computer for your template.

Click on Upload Players.

Your players will now show up on the list with their updated scores!

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