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View/Pay/Cancel a SocialPoint Invoice
View/Pay/Cancel a SocialPoint Invoice
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Viewing, paying, or cancelling a SocialPoint Invoice can be done through the Subscription portal. All you have to do is log in to and follow the instructions below.

Viewing a SocialPoint Invoice

  1. Visit, hover over the Login button in the navigation bar and click Subscription Portal

  2. Click on Payments

  3. Click on the View button next to the order you want to see the invoice for

Paying a SocialPoint Invoice

  1. On your Subscription Portal, click on Payments

  2. Click on the Pay button next to the order you want to pay

  3. Enter your billing information and select your payment method

  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions and submit your payment

Cancelling a SocialPoint Invoice

Cancelling an invoice should only be done if we send you a custom order invoice and the details don't match the agreement you reached with our Sales team.

To cancel an invoice:

  1. On your Subscription Portal click on Payments

  2. Click on the View button next to your invoice to check the details on it

  3. If the details are incorrect, head back to Payments and click on the Cancel button

  4. Once it's been cancelled, be sure to contact us so we can correct any issues on the invoice and send a new one

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