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Creating and Managing a Photo Challenge
Creating and Managing a Photo Challenge
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Photo Challenges can be done both in our Attendee Participation App or separately as a QR Code Challenge. Here's how to set up both:

Setting up an In-App Photo Challenge

  1. Navigate to Participation Home>Challenges and click on the blue Add button.

  2. Select On Their Device > Photo Upload from the menu and enter the rest of the information. Here's an example:

For this challenge, we've made sure to have a short and attractive description, as well as detailed instructions on what type of picture participants should upload. Once our players upload it, they get 150 points.

Setting up a QR Code Photo Challenge

  1. Navigate to Participation Home>Challenges and click on the blue Add button.

  2. Select Scanning a QR Code on their device > Photo Upload from the menu and enter your challenge's information.

  3. Be sure to add a Thank You Message that tells players where to go next, a Call to Action button, and make sure Kiosk Mode is off

  4. Navigate to Display Manager > Displays on the left-side menu

  5. Look for your challenge's name, and click the Generate QR Code button to get your QR Code

  6. Save the QR Code to your computer and open it on a device to test your challenge

Viewing and managing uploads

To access your player data, navigate to Participation Game > Challenges, click on your Challenge name, and then click the Moderate button.

These settings will make your life easier:

Refresh: refresh the list to see new player submissions

Delete All: send all approvals to the Archive tab

Approve All: approve all unmoderated player submissions

Auto Approve: automatically approve incoming player submissions

Download All Images: download all images

Download Player Submissions: download timestamps, player names, and the captions they entered

Click the New Approvals tab to:

  • Approve new player submissions

  • Send a new submission to the Archived tab

  • Edit a response

Click the Playlist tab to see approved submissions and:

  • Remove approved submissions

  • Edit approved submissions

  • Reorganize approved submissions

Click the Archived tab to:

  • See Archived submissions

  • Approve Archived submissions

Displaying Photo Galleries

To find your Photo Galleries and display them on a big monitor, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Challenge and click on your challenge's name

  2. Click the Display button to show both displays available

  3. Click on any display to open it on a new tab and display it on a large monitor or projector

  4. If you need the shareable link to open it on a separate device or embed it into a website follow the instructions in this article

  5. If you want your players to access a gallery, add the URL on the Call To Action field when creating/editing your Kiosk Fishbowl challenge, or add a link to it in the Instructions field for the In-App challenge.

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