Organization Admins have the ability to enable/disable all features within the APG Configuraitons. If you are trying to set up a Raffle Wheel as an Event Admin, be sure to contact your Organization Admin for help.

Activating the Raffle Wheel

Setting up the Wheel
Setting a Points Threshold
Creating the Wheel
Linking the Wheel and your Reward
Pushing names to the Wheel
Spinning the Wheel

Activating the Raffle Wheel

To enable the Raffle Wheel reward on your game, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Configuration

  2. Click the Winning tab

  3. Look for Drawing and enable it

  4. Click Update

Setting up the Wheel

Now that the Wheel has been enabled, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Rewards

  2. Click Raffle Drawing

  3. Fill out the configuration information

  4. Set a Points Threshold

  5. Click Update

Setting a Points Threshold

There are three different ways in which you can set up the threshold:

  • By entering a single value, i.e. 100, players will earn a reward for every 100 points they score. This means that players will get this reward over and over again every 100 points as long as they keep on scoring points.

  • By entering a single value within brackets, i.e. [100], players will earn a single reward when they earn 100 points.

  • By entering a set of values, i.e. [100,250,750], players will earn a reward each time a threshold is met. In the example, they will earn one reward at 100 points, one at 250, and the last one at 750.

Creating the Wheel

Now that your reward has been created and the points threshold set, it's time to create a wheel:

  1. Navigate to Prize Manager > Add

  2. In the Wizard, select Other and a Theme that you like (click here for more information on customizing your wheel's theme)

  3. Once you're done, clik the blue Add Prizes button

  4. Add your prizes individually or use the uploader

Linking the Wheel and your Reward

Now that all the required pieces are in place, we will link them together:

  1. Navigate to Prize Manager > Edit

  2. Look for the APG Mode section and enable it

  3. We also recommend enabling Kiosk Mode and Splash Screen. (click here to learn more)

Pushing names to the Wheel

Once you are ready to spin, push the names of the participants who earned an entry into the wheel:

  1. Navigate to Participation Game > Rewards > Raffle Drawing

  2. Open the Players tab and click the Add to Raffle Wheel button

  3. Navigate to Prize Manager > Manage > Prize Inventory and confirm players have been pushed here

Spinning the Wheel

Now that all participants have been moved to the Wheel, it's time to spin it!

  1. Navigate to Prize Manager and click the Game Links button corresponding to your wheel

  2. If one of your staff members is helping you display the wheel on a Trade Show Booth or in-person event, provide them the On Site Deployment link and PIN.

  3. If you're sharing your screen while the wheel spins, use the Prize Wheel Link.

  4. To spin the wheel, simply press spacebar and watch it go!

  5. The winner will be displayed once the wheel has stopped spinning.

  6. If you have multiple prizes, be sure that Kiosk Mode is enabled in your settings so you can get to spin the wheel more than once.

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