What is the Display Manager?
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The Display Manager is our tool for getting game configurations ready to show on an external screen (either an iPad display or a larger external monitor). 

  • Display any content designated for a monitor, video wall, tablet or touchscreen.

  • Provides a single URL and PIN for easy setup onsite.

  • Allows you to attach slide shows and schedule slide shows on any of the displays.

  • Allows you to give the displays meaningful names such as: "iPad" or "Leaderboard"

  • Allows you to have multiple displays that show the same content with different slide shows.

For all game configurations; you will need to setup a Display for the game to work!
SocialPoint Home Screen > Display Manager > Displays > Add
We recommend naming the Display something easy to choose from, "iPad" "Leaderboard" "Prize Wheel"

Hot Tip: games with "Mobile" selected as the device type will be listed in the Display Manager under Mobile Links. Make sure to share these links with your players!

What happens if nothing is showing in my Display Manager section?

  • This means that your configuration (Trivia Game (iPad or Leaderboard), Prize Wheel, or Social Media Wall) has not yet been created as an external display.

  • Simply click "Displays" > click the blue "Add" button, title your Display & Select the configuration from the drop-down.

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