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Need to upload players, challenges, questions and other info? Click here to find your template!

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Here's a list of our Upload Templates that you will find helpful when uploading data into SocialPoint.

As a general rule, the first step is downloading the template. You can then add the information you want to upload (players, scores, prizes, etc.) and then upload it into the backend.

All uploads work the same. To find the file you want to upload click on the Choose File button. After that, click on Upload and you're all set!

We've categorized our Upload Templates so you can find what you need easily:

Trivia Upload Templates

Player Upload Template

This template will help you pre-register your Trivia players. If you're not sure how it works, we've added an article down below.

Trivia Question Template

Need to add a long list of questions to your Trivia game? Here's the template and an article to help you.
โ€‹Click here for the template

Virtual Prize Wheel Upload Templates

Prize Package Template

Adding a long list of prizes to your Prize Package is easy when you have all the information in an Excel file. We've added the Excel template as well as an article with more details about adding prizes to your wheel.

Attendee Participation Game Upload Templates

Player Upload Template

If you have a long list of players you'd like to pre-register, use our Excel template and take a minute to read through our article about uploading and managing your APG players.

Staff Scored Challenge - Player Upload

You can also bulk-update your Staff Scored Challenge's scores by using our template.

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