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A to Z guide for the Essentials Plan
A to Z guide for the Essentials Plan

Booth Passport games with Check-Ins and QR Codes are easy to set up and run!

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Step 1: Plan your event

The Essentials Plan works great for Booth Passport games or Scavenger Hunts that rely on getting people to scan QR Codes or redeeming codes to score points and discover new content.

Put yourself in your player's shoes and think about their journey, from the very beginning up until the very last challenge they complete. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are players entering a code or are they scanning QR codes?

  • What does the game look like?

  • Do I want players to register when playing, or should I pre-register them?

  • Am I setting up teams, or are players participating as individuals?

  • What will they earn for participating?

  • Do you want to get a notification or send the player's data to a URL every time someone new registers?

As you write the answers to these questions, you'll find out how you want the game to be played by your attendees. These answers will help you easily set up your game.

Step 2: Add Challenges

Challenges will give players points and rewards. You can choose between Check-Ins (redeeming a code) or QR Code Check-Ins:

  • Click here for a list of challenges available to the APG Essentials plan

  • Click here to learn how to add a Check-in Challenge

  • Click here to learn how to add a QR Code Check-in Challenge

Step 3: Set a theme and Labels

Be sure to account for all displays and apps when creating graphics and other branding elements.

We have a Graphics Guide and other resources you can share with your design team.

  • Click here to learn how to use one of our Pre-Built themes (recommended)

  • Click here to see the Player App graphics specs

  • Click here to see the QR Code graphics specs

  • Click here to learn how to customize labels and switch to a different language

  • Click here to download the APG Graphics Guide

  • Click here to see our sample Instructions for your game

Step 4: Set your Rewards

You can reward players with Drawing Entries when they reach a points threshold. You'll also want to define if your players are scoring as individuals or if they are playing as teams.

  • Drawing Entries: Players are entered into a drawing when scoring points. Click here to learn more.

  • Teams: Players can group up in teams and earn individual rewards. Click here to learn more.

Step 5: Get your links and test

Now that your game is set up, it's time to open the App to play a test game.

Step 6: Managing a Live game

Now that your game is live, players will start completing challenges and some questions may arise.

Step 7: Wrap up!

After the game is over, you can review your game's stats by opening up the Dashboard.

Click here to learn more about the Attendee Participation Game Dashboard.

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